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Why test?

Too many video meetings start late because one or more of the participants experience technical issues with their video conference endpoints or clients.

Meetings that do not start on time can be costly, both productivity wise as well as when calculating hours lost across an organization over time.

Selfie.VC enables any user to check they are all set ahead of their video meetings.


Test Audio & Video

Check the video & audio you are sending to and receiving from others.

Unlimited testing

You and your colleagues can call Selfie.VC as often as you need.

Available 24/7

As a cloud service, Selfie.VC is always available for you.

Ads = Free

Selfie.VC is free to use with ads displayed from our partners.

OWN Address ($)

Subscribers get their own address.

Ad free ($)

Subscribers enjoy ad free Selfie.VC testing.

Branded ($$)

Get your logo added to your Selfie.VC app.

Try it today

Selfie.VC is easy to test, simply call one of the following video addresses from your endpoint or client:

How to implement


Obtain your address

Order a unique Selfie.VC address (SIP URI) for your organization or use any of the free ones.


Make it available

Add the Selfie.VC address to all relevant directories and touch panels. Suggested display name "Test Call".



Communicate the new capability to your organization via email, intranet, and on video conference support page.


Annual subscriptions are available per organization based on number of employees.


Unlimited calls to

Ad free

Unlimited calls to

Based on one of the following (without ads):



Unlimited calls to

Based on one of the following (with your brand):


Unlimited calls to

Create your own custom Selfie.VC app

Service providers and resellers: Contact us for a quote for your users or for details on the Selfie.VC Reseller Program.

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